Be bold and start a new stage of your life. Change your hair just now! Do not hesitate and order our starter set,take measurements, and place an order. We can ensure you that you will not miss any important component of your order if you fill out the form step by step. Thanks to the provision of accurate data, we will be able to learn as much as possible about the shape of your head and hair, as well as gather information needed to create your hair replacement system which will not differ from your own hair. Do you happen to worry that you do not have the applicable knowledge or experience? It is not a problem at all. Our company employs specialized professionals who will always help you at any time! They will contact you once you have placed your purchase order. Together, you will review it to make sure that everything is in order and meets your expectations.

Start from measurement of the shape of your head

Put the supplied transparent foil on your head and tie it up so it holds in place firmly. Then, draw with a shape the base should have using a marker pen . Cover the foil with strips of measuring tape. Remove the taped foil in its entirety and cut out a profile along the drawn line. You will then get the shape of your base. Thanks to the said fact, you will be capable of calculating the surface area of the base in order to find out whether the replacement will be full or partial and specify it in the ordering form.

With the template ready, you can proceed to the order and design your own system from scratch.

Regardless of the shape and size of the base, measurements have to be taken in the same way. Below, you can find exemplary pictures and instructional videos.

DSC_8844 (Kopiowanie)

DSC_8836 (Kopiowanie)

DSC_8854 (Kopiowanie)

DSC_8651DSC_8696 (Kopiowanie)DSC_8713 (Kopiowanie)




Once the profile has been cut out, describe it with letters (F , B , L , R) by marking its front, back, right and left sides as it is shown on the picture. Then draw arrows to specify the type of hairdo (direction of hair growth).


Place where hair parts.


Parting on the left side.


All hair swept back.


Parting on the right side.


Hair parting with additional indication of a silk part.

Size of the base

Once the measurements have been taken and the profile has been cut, measure the profile and calculate its surface area (length x width). When ordering, enter the measurement data in the converter and you will get the surface area that you have to type in the purchase order form.

cm x cm = 0.00 cm²