When the hair loss turns into the baldness, and treatment does not bring the desired effect, it is worth to consider the wig. All wigs, offered by our company, are designed with full commitment and attention to even the smallest details. The wig can be made of natural hair or synthetic fiber. Natural hair wigs recently very popular, not only due to the fact they guarantee the most natural look, but most of all for its durability. With professionals, working in our stores, every customer, who decides to choose the natural hair wig, will be certain that it is appropriately selected and suited to individual preferences and needs.

Apart from wigs, it is worth to pay attention on the toupees or hair systems. The Hair Again brand offers the hair systems, which can be a great alternative to wigs, made from natural hair or synthetic fiber. The HairAgain offers six types of hair of which the hair systems are made: Synthetic, Chinese, Indian, Mongolian, European and Slavic. Classic synthetic hair is made of the high quality Japanese fiber, which is called kanekalon. This hair has a lot of advantages, as for example: it does not lose color and is very easy to maintain. Synthetic hair does not need styling, which, however, can also be a disadvantage.

Hair Again offers traditional synthetic hair, which also is a wonderful alternative – the synthetic Heat Resistance of hair. It is easy to take care of this type of hair and in addition, the heat-resistance of hair allow to create amazing hairstyles.

Natural Chinese hair, used in hair systems, are dark, thick and straight. Before usage, it is need to be processed with special techniques, which affects much its durability. For that reason it is usually recommended for a short time of usage. Due to the dark shade, this type of hair is hard to bleach and therefore not suitable for those wishing blondе hair.

In comparison Indian hair, although similar to the Chinese, are a lot easier to style due to the natural wave structure. Usually are recommended to men or to people who decide to choose short, dark hair.

Moreover, Mongolian hair, similar to the Indian and Chinese, with the difference that achieving lighter tones does not affect on its destructive.

However, for people with dark hair systems or natural hair wigs, are recommended European hair. Pleasant to the touch and resistant to coloring makes them most popular. Like the Slavic hair they remain healthy, full of light and durable for a very long time. They are most recommended for women, but also wigs for men can be presented very well with this type of hair.