Base Skin – F1



The base is made out of a relatively thin layer of superb quality polyurethane that resembles the color of one’s scalp. In its case, hair is injected and tied in order to give the impression that it grows directly from your head. Natural look is guaranteed while choosing this product. Scalp imitations are available in several colors, so you will surely find the one that resembles yours the most. It also has to be mentioned that the base is permeable to air. While choosing it, you have to take into account the fact that the most sensible hair density choices are light or very light. Its lifespan is not the longest, but the natural look of the item slightly mitigates the aforementioned disadvantage. The sides and the back are reinforced with a thick layer of polyurethane, which extends its longevity, especially in comparison with having no reinforcement at all.

Base properties