Replacement systems

Once you have understood how HairAgain hair bases are designed, you will find it easy to look for the most suitable product for you. You simply have to follow your preferences. Ask yourself what kind of base you are looking for: an invisible or a durable one. However, do not automatically assume that a durable base has to be conspicuous. Our offer incorporates various bases that combine all necessary features.

Division of the bases

You will undoubtedly find the right item for you if you learn what types of bases are available in our shop.

1. Classic – Traditional bases.

The bases in question are the most popular ones among our customers. They are a combination of netted and scalp-like materials. They are thick, yet very strong. The discussed products can be attached by means of clips, glue, or tapes.

2. Lace front – Base with front lace.

Those bases can be considered to be a perfect combination of interesting looks and the durability of hair replacement. In the front, there is lace, giving the item a very natural looks along the entire hair line. Our offer incorporates various patterns and materials, from which you may choose something that you will find adequate. The major drawback of the aforementioned bases is the weight difference between lace and scalp. You may find it a little disturbing at times. In addition, you can feel a small seam in the area where the materials are connected. They can be attached by means of clips, glue, or tapes.

3. Full lace – Base entirely made from lace.

Those bases are in their entirety made from netting or lace. They feature a very delicate fabric. However, multiple materials are used to enhance their overall strength. Their predominant asset is their exceptionally natural look. It also has to be said that they are the lightest, with the air flowing through them freely. Unfortunately, they are very easy to damage, which adversely affects their lifespan. They can be attached by means of glue or tapes.

4. Skin – Bases made from scalp-like materials.

Those bases are made entirely from polyurethane, a material that closely resembles human scalp. It is fairly popular, mainly because of its overall strength and color that can be adapted to match your scalp. You can choose from materials of various thickness. Leather bases do not breathe, although gases can pass through them. This is why, while compared to other bases, they may make you feel hot and a little bit uneasy. They can be attached by means of glue or tapes.

5. Other.

Most of the bases that are made out of nylon netting are additionally reinforced at the back and from the sides with a polyurethane layer. Some of them allow for integration, which means that you can thread your own hair through them. Such bases can be attached by means of clips.