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While visiting this section, you can learn the differences between the classic synthetic hair and a Heat Resistance synthetic ones. The former are made from a top quality Japanese fiber called kanekalon. It is highly advantageous for the industry, as it does not fade, is fairly easy to take care of, and does not require additional styling. It is most often used in grey or grizzled systems. Its drawbacks are, among others: short lifespan and virtually no resistance to high temperatures. That is why no modeling or remodeling is possible. You will not be able to change the color of your system, not even to a small degree. You will then have to order another system to solve the encountered problems. It also has to be added that in the case of longer hairdos, hair gets pilled very quickly.

The Heat Resistance synthetic does not fade, and it is relatively easy to take care of. The additional benefit of its usage is the resistance to adverse temperatures, so you can style and model your system made out of the said synthetic as you wish.
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This type of hair is typically dark, thick, and straight. It is very hard to obtain bright shades while utilizing it in professional system. Therefore, hair has to undergo a very intense process of bleaching before the required color can be achieved. Finally, it is coated with hot wax to make it look healthy and beautiful. Due to the necessity to perform the aforementioned process, Chinese hair systems are of poorer quality, are more prone to pilling and may be damaged or distorted easier than others. They are recommended for people who are in a desperate need of a replacement for a short time.
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The said type is the most popular one among the systems for men! It closely resembles Chinese hair type. However, it is not so wiry as its protoplast and has the natural tendency to roll. Unfortunately, this type of hair has to be bleached as well in order to obtain bright shades. The discussed procedure destroys its structure to a significant extent and makes it more fragile, which translates into a shorter lifespan. It is lusterless and tangles easily. The aforementioned hair type is predominantly recommended for people who prefer shorter hairdos and dark or medium dark hair shades.
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Mongolian hair type is quite similar to Chinese and Indian hair, but Mongolian hair bleaching does not affect it so adversely. It can be bleached to very bright, even platinum-like colors.
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This hair originates from Southern Europe – mainly from Italy and Spain. Its natural shades are also fairly dark. Therefore, it has to be bleached in order for the producers to be able to obtain bright and vivid colors. However, this hair is not so wiry and straight as Chinese and Indian ones are, so replacements made from it are more durable and pleasant to touch.
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euro hair


It is the most popular type of hair used in the majority of systems designed for women! As statistical data have proved, it can be considered a real bestseller. Due to its bright natural shades, it does not need to be discolored. That is why it remains healthy, strong, and full of lusters. It also has to be pointed out that the systems based on this hair type are very durable. The price of Slavic hair is a little higher than the price of the other ones, but its quality is incomparably higher than it is in the case of other types of hair. As it has cuticles, it is not recommended for short hairdos (those below 10cm).
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