Hair system attachment

In most cases, hair replacements are attached by means of clips, tapes, as well as glues.


Clips are typically utilized to attach the system in the case of women who, dissatisfied with their own hair, want to take advantage of the system without shaving the attachment area, which is vital for tape and glue attachments. A very clear advantage of this attachment is its durability.

DSC_8937 (Kopiowanie)
DSC_8925 (Kopiowanie)


Tapes utilized for hair attachment-related purposes are always double-faced. They are manufactured under sterile conditions and do not cause allergies in wearers. Professional hair tapes are available in various strengths and forms. Customers willing to cooperate with our company can choose between tapes on spools and the ones having the form of plasters that are profiled so as to accurately match the edge of the most popular replacement shapes. You may wear the replacement in such a form for the maximum period of time equal to one month, but there are many people who put off their hair after either one or a few days.

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The third and the final way of attaching the replacement is to take advantage of special glue. There are two major types of glue that may be utilized to attach the system to the head of the wearer-to-be: solution glues and water-based glues. Regardless of which glue is being used, it is important that it is dry before utilizing it to attach the replacement. Transparent glues become transparent after drying. When it comes to solution glues, it is highly recommended to utilize a dryer. Nevertheless, one has to remember not to expose the glue or the surface to air that is too hot. How much glue is used is also of significance. Depending on the type of the glue utilized, it is highly reasonable to apply several thin layers instead of a few thick ones.