The density of hair is a feature that is of key importance, especially when it comes to how the hair replacement system will look like on the head of the wearer. When it is too low, it may not fully meet your needs, but when it is too high – it may make the hair look unnatural.

Hair density options offered by our professionals are provided in percentages, from 70% to 200%.



Very low density, predominantly used in very delicate, fine warps (e.g. in fully netted systems)
Designed especially for very light men’s hairdos.



Delicate density, ideal for bases highlighting medium hair densities (e.g. a single layer of polyurethane). Very often used in men’s or children’s hairdos.



Medium, most popular density. It can be used in both medium and thick warps (e.g. with a single or double layer of polyurethane). Used for fairly dense men’s and classic women’s hairdos. The discussed density is in the majority of cases chosen by ladies.



High, ideal for classic bases.



Very high, used mainly to create a fancy hairdo.

It has to be mentioned at this point that density may also differ in various places of the system. For instance, in the front and on the sides, density may be notably lower than on the top of the head in order to adapt it to your weak or fine hair. We send our density sampler together with the  Starter Set. Details of how to select the right density for your hair are also provided in our Knowledge Base guide.