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  It is crucial to clean your skin before reattaching your system. Spray Lace Rlease on a swab and wipe the place where tape is to be attached to your skin. In the case of some individuals, there is no need to wear a hair system for a prolonged period of time. They take it off […]

Clips are usually used by individuals who do not wish to shave their heads. The said procedure is required in the case of attachment by means of glue or tape. It is a good solution if you wish to thicken or lengthen your hair.    

In addition to your system, you can order the so-called “baby hair”, which are also known as children’s hair. If you choose this option, you can additionally conceal, in a natural manner, the line where the system starts, especially if you have prior selected a thicker base. Baby hair is used for short curly hair […]

Bleaching knots is a quite popular technique that is utilized by the experts in the field, especially because it allows for a more natural look to be achieved. Depending on the color of your hair and skin tone, knots may be more or less visible. Usually, they have the form of small dark dots. Bleaching […]

Tape and glue absorb dust from the air. It frequently accumulates between the hair and the base. The experts employed in our company have prepared separate cleaning instructions to help you solve that problem. In order to clean the front line, use a swab on which to place the cleaning agent, such as the Activ Cleaner. […]

This option makes it possible for the client to shorten the processing time of the purchase order from four to two months. The express service is provided for an additional fee, but it is not available in each case. We will reimburse you for the sum incurred to the express service if we fail to […]

Tapes may be either fitted to the shape of the contours of the base. In some other cases, it may be necessary to cut the shape corresponding to base’s contour from a strip of tape. Once you have the fragment of tape cut to the appropriate shape, start from placing it close to the base […]

Does the hair density affect the system? Yes, it does. It has to be remembered that the lower the density, the more delicate and the thinner the warp that should be used. If the hair density is approx. 70%, the base remains unnoticeable. A thicker and stronger material can support hair with a greater density. […]

Sweat and friction can significantly infuence hair loss. How to minimize friction: Hair systems are very susceptible on friction due to lack of sebum which is a natural substance produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum moisturizes hair cuticle and protects it from the friction. The major cause of attrition comes from sleeping on a pillow […]

Finding a proper place where hair system may be attached is of utmost importance. The said place can be found either by marking hair line with a marker or by finding some recognizable point locked by the edge of system (mole or single hair). Afterwards, you will need tape and an alcohol spray, which will […]

We would like to suggest you how to easily and properly remove glue from a hair replacement incorporating polyurethane scalp or made from netting. Proper cleaning will also remove glue from the hair. To begin with, prepare all the necessary accessories. You will need the following: Sink or washbasin with running water Bowl Brush Dishwashing […]

Oxidation is a chemical process that may strongly damage hair. The said fact applies to natural hair too. The reaction causes changing hair color that is exposed to UV radiation and turns it to ginger red. Nowadays, merely staying in the sunlight can be harmful to your hair. Although discoloration of the hair system due […]

Removing a hair replacement that is attached by means of tape or glue requires proper care and gentle approach. You have simply to learn how to do it well. Be careful, because the material from which the replacement is made is very delicate and prone to tearing. The said fact may be a problem for […]

Liquid adhesives are very popular when it comes to attaching various hair systems to the head. There are two types of adhesives: solvent-based and water-based. No matter which one is chosen, it is very important to make it dry before attaching the system. Drying depends on temperature, moisture, and skin type. Water-based adhesives are white, […]

It is very important to prepare your skin for the attachment of the system. No matter how strong your tape or adhesive is, the medium used will never be as strong as they should be without proper scalp preparation. Even a small residue of glue or dirt may to a notable extent affect the adhesion […]

The silk part is an additional layer of tulle between which the hair are tied making the knots completely invisible. This part may be located in any place you want, for example: in line of a part or on the whole top. You may choose this option while making an order. After you choose it, […]

The discussed option allows for hiding the edges of the hair system. It becomes particularly important while choosing a base made from a thicker material. Hair is woven at the very edge, on the internal side of the base, what ensures more natural look of the entire setup. You may take advantage of the discussed […]

1. Moisten your hair with a gentle, warm water spray. 2. Apply a small amount of shampoo on the palms. Add some water and rub your hands against each other to generate as much foam as you can. 3. Place the foam on your hair and distribute it along by delicately patting the solution in. […]

By taking advantage of this option offered by our company, you can choose from various types of fronts, depending on your needs. The wavy front makes the front hair line look even more natural and breathtaking. It has to be pointed out as well that hair is not arranged along a single straight line. The […]