Terms and conditions

Despite our best efforts to ensure that your order meets all the expectations of our customers, there may be certain inconsistencies or utilization-related problems. Due to the said fact, we would like to specify the Terms and Conditions of our warranty services, as well as to indicate when and how you can file a complaint.

Custom-made products cannot be returned, therefore we would like to ask every interested individual to make reasonable purchases.
The average life-cycle of a hair system depends on the materials used and may vary from 3 months to even 4 years.

While taking into consideration that the materials from which our products are made are relatively delicate, we offer our customer 90 day guarantee on our products. You can make a complaint relating to ordering inconsistencies and fabrication defects within 14 days from the moment of purchase. Your complaint has to be filed before the expiration of the period specified above.

All the damages caused by normal utilization, typical tear and wear, the improper use of the product, the exposure of the product to extreme temperatures and other weather conditions, as well as inappropriate care or storage result in the warranty being considered null and void. The warranty also does not cover all the damages caused by the failure to follow the enclosed washing, use and maintenance guide.

The warranty does not cover any custom features of the product, for example – the ones that are dependent on your selection made by the client, such as the size of the system.

Upon the expiration of the warranty, you can always take advantage of our support services.


Complaints shall be accepted only in writing and shall contain your contact details (full name, address, e-mail address, and phone number). Your warranty will be processed, provided that the product will be delivered together with the claim.

If the complaint is accepted, it is up to the manufacturer to determine how product’s usefulness is going to be restored: by eliminating the indicated defects, replacing the product, or taking any other agreed and approved actions.

According to the applicable law regulations, you will be notified about the outcome of the complaint handling procedure within 14 days.

The duration of any repairs ordered depends on the kind of repairs to be made. Therefore, the exact period is to be specified on individual basis.