When ordering for the first time, you will need a Starter Set which contains helpful tips and accessories. Then you have to complete, step by step, a purchase order form providing all the necessary parameters of your hair system.

  1. Order or rent a starter set. You can select samplers to make your choice easier.
  2. The first thing you have to do is to take measurements. Then you have to switch to the store and select the type of the base.
  3. Base. Follow your needs when making the selection. You should choose the base depending on what you expect to achieve. For more durable bases, you can choose a higher density, but keep in mind that it will not look so naturally as a thinner lace base.
  4. The next step is hair selection. When you are going to use the system for a longer period of time, you had better choose the Slavic hair.
  5. Now select the type of your replacement style. In addition, draw on the profile how your hairdo is to look like. Use the arrows to show the hair direction.
  6. Once the profile is complete, measure it to specify the replacement size in your purchase order. Our converter can be handy for calculating it.
  7. Use the sampler, which you can order with the starter set, specify your colour or enclose a sample of your hair and indicate the category that your colour fits into.
  8. The next step is to select the hair length. Keep in mind that the hair will be of the same length in each part of the hair replacement.
  9. Curl. You can choose from straight to very curly hair.
  10. Now you have to specify the density. You can select any density whatsoever, but keep in mind that too thick hair will not be appropriate for more delicate bases. By analogy, too thin hair in thicker bases may reveal your secret.
  11. Attachment. You may not need to specify the type of attachment, depending on whether you have your own hair or not.
  12. The last step is the possibility of choosing the express service, in which the implementation time is reduced from four to two months.