Liquid adhesives are very popular when it comes to attaching various hair systems to the head. There are two types of adhesives: solvent-based and water-based. No matter which one is chosen, it is very important to make it dry before attaching the system. Drying depends on temperature, moisture, and skin type. Water-based adhesives are white, but they become transparent and virtually invisible to the eye when are dry, so it is easy to recognize when the system may be placed safely. While using solvent-based adhesives, it is better to dry them with a blow dryer to be sure it has dried on skin and hair system base. Remember that the air cannot be too hot. Use the device at a lower heat setting, because high temperatures may make glue ineffective. It is also important to use the right amount of adhesive you will. More layers will make it possible for you to wear your system longer, but remember that the best way is to put several thin layers rather than few thicker ones. Thinner coats dry faster and also prevent the adhesive from seeping through the base into your hair after you attach your hair system. It will also make cleaning your system easer when you want to remove it.