Removing a hair replacement that is attached by means of tape or glue requires proper care and gentle approach. You have simply to learn how to do it well. Be careful, because the material from which the replacement is made is very delicate and prone to tearing. The said fact may be a problem for those who are just starting their adventure with hair systems. Do not worry, though. We will be honored to teach you how to remove it in the right way. With our help, the procedure will turn out to be easy and secure.

To remove your hair replacement, you should prepare get:

  • Gauze or cotton pads
  • Glue or tape remover

How to unglue the hair replacement?

For this purpose, perform the following steps:

          Use a glue or tape remover.
          Find the place where the system is attached to the scalp and apply the selected glue remover there. Wait a few minutes until the solution soaks in and weakens the adhesiveness of the glue.
          Unglue the hair replacement from the back so as not to damage the front line. If your replacement extends to the whole head, detach the sides of it and then proceed to the back. Do it carefully by using your nails. Once you have unglued enough, grab the remainder strongly with your fingers.

Make the removal of the system easier by rubbing it with foam soaked in a glue solvent. To do so, you can also use a spray, which should be applied from time to time between the base and the scalp.

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