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It is very important to prepare your skin for the attachment of the system. No matter how strong your tape or adhesive is, the medium used will never be as strong as they should be without proper scalp preparation. Even a small residue of glue or dirt may to a notable extent affect the adhesion […]

We would like to suggest you how to easily and properly remove glue from a hair replacement incorporating polyurethane scalp or made from netting. Proper cleaning will also remove glue from the hair. To begin with, prepare all the necessary accessories. You will need the following: Sink or washbasin with running water Bowl Brush Dishwashing […]

1. Moisten your hair with a gentle, warm water spray. 2. Apply a small amount of shampoo on the palms. Add some water and rub your hands against each other to generate as much foam as you can. 3. Place the foam on your hair and distribute it along by delicately patting the solution in. […]

Oxidation is a chemical process that may strongly damage hair. The said fact applies to natural hair too. The reaction causes changing hair color that is exposed to UV radiation and turns it to ginger red. Nowadays, merely staying in the sunlight can be harmful to your hair. Although discoloration of the hair system due […]

Tape and glue absorb dust from the air. It frequently accumulates between the hair and the base. The experts employed in our company have prepared separate cleaning instructions to help you solve that problem. In order to clean the front line, use a swab on which to place the cleaning agent, such as the Activ Cleaner. […]